Windows 10 Service Defaults

In the table below you can see the complete list of Windows 10 service default startup configurations.

Click on a service name to learn how it works in Windows 10, get a fix for it and view its additional default settings such as dependencies, description, registry key, error control and so on.

Service nameStartup type
1394 OHCI Compliant Host ControllerManual
ACPI Devices driverManual
ACPI Power Meter DriverManual
ACPI Processor Aggregator DriverManual
ACPI Wake Alarm DriverManual
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)Manual
Adaptec SAS/SATA-II RAID Storport's Miniport DriverManual
Agent Activation RuntimeManual
AllJoyn Router ServiceManual
AMD AGP Bus Filter DriverManual
AMD K8 Processor DriverManual
AMD Processor DriverManual
Ancillary Function Driver for WinsockSystem
App ReadinessManual
AppID DriverManual
Application Compatibility CacheSystem
Application IdentityManual
Application InformationManual
Application Layer Gateway ServiceManual
Application ManagementManual
AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)Manual
AssignedAccessManager ServiceManual
Auto Time Zone UpdaterManual, Disabled
AVCTP serviceManual
Background Activity Moderator DriverSystem
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceAutomatic
Background Tasks Infrastructure ServiceAutomatic
Base Filtering EngineAutomatic
Bcmfn ServiceManual
Bcmfn2 ServiceManual
BitLocker Drive Encryption Filter DriverBoot
BitLocker Drive Encryption ServiceManual
Block Level Backup Engine ServiceManual
Bluetooth Audio Gateway ServiceManual
Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control HIDManual
Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)Manual
Bluetooth Enumerator ServiceManual
Bluetooth Hands-Free Call Control HIDManual
Bluetooth Handsfree ServiceManual
Bluetooth Low Energy DriverManual
Bluetooth Modem Communications DriverManual
Bluetooth Port DriverManual
Bluetooth Radio DriverManual
Bluetooth Radio USB DriverManual
Bluetooth Support ServiceManual
Bluetooth User Support ServiceManual
Capability Access Manager ServiceManual
CD-ROM DriverSystem
CD/DVD File System ReaderDisabled
Cellular TimeManual
Certificate PropagationManual
Charge Arbitration DriverManual
Chipidea USB Role-Switch DriverManual
Client License Service (ClipSVC)Manual
Clipboard User ServiceManual
CNG Hardware Assist algorithm providerDisabled
CNG Key IsolationManual
COM+ Event SystemAutomatic
COM+ System ApplicationManual
Common Driver for Buttons, DockMode and Laptop/Slate IndicatorManual
Common Driver for HID Buttons implemented with interruptsManual
Common Log (CLFS)Boot
Composite Bus Enumerator DriverManual
Computer BrowserManual
Connected Devices Platform ServiceManual, Disabled, Automatic
Connected Devices Platform User ServiceAutomatic
Connected User Experiences and TelemetryAutomatic
Console DriverManual
Consumer IR DevicesManual
Contact DataManual
Credential ManagerManual
Cryptographic ServicesAutomatic
Data Sharing ServiceManual
Data UsageAutomatic
DCOM Server Process LauncherAutomatic
Delivery OptimizationAutomatic, Manual
Desktop Activity Moderator DriverSystem
Device Association ServiceManual
Device Install ServiceManual
Device Management Enrollment ServiceManual
Device Management Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Push message Routing ServiceAutomatic, Manual
Device Setup ManagerManual
DevQuery Background Discovery BrokerManual
DFS Namespace Client DriverSystem
DHCP ClientAutomatic
Diagnostic Execution ServiceManual
Diagnostic Policy ServiceAutomatic
Diagnostic Service HostManual
Diagnostic System HostManual
Disk DriverBoot
Disk I/O Rate Filter DriverBoot
Display Enhancement ServiceManual
Display Policy ServiceAutomatic
Distributed Link Tracking ClientAutomatic
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorManual
DNS ClientAutomatic
Downloaded Maps ManagerAutomatic
Driver Verifier ExtensionManual, Disabled
Dynamic Volume ManagerBoot
EHome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR)Manual
Embedded ModeManual
Encrypting File System (EFS)Manual
Enhanced Storage Filter DriverBoot
Enterprise App Management ServiceManual
ExFAT File System DriverManual
Extensible Authentication ProtocolManual
Family Safety Filter DriverManual
FAT12/16/32 File System DriverManual
File History ServiceManual
File Information FS MiniFilterBoot
File System Dependency MinifilterManual
Floppy Disk Controller DriverManual
Floppy Disk DriverManual
Function Discovery Provider HostManual
Function Discovery Resource PublicationManual
GameDVR and Broadcast User ServiceManual
Generic USB Function ClassManual
Geolocation ServiceManual
GPU Energy DriverSystem
Group Policy ClientAutomatic
Hardware Policy DriverBoot
HID driver for CapImg touch screenManual
HID UPS Battery DriverManual
High-Capacity Floppy Disk DriveManual
HomeGroup ListenerManual
HomeGroup ProviderManual
HTTP ServiceManual
Human Interface Device ServiceManual
Hyper-V Data Exchange ServiceManual
Hyper-V Guest Service InterfaceManual
Hyper-V Guest Shutdown ServiceManual
Hyper-V Heartbeat ServiceManual
Hyper-V PowerShell Direct ServiceManual
Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization ServiceManual
Hyper-V Time Synchronization ServiceManual
Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy RequestorManual
I8042 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse Port DriverManual
IDE ChannelBoot, Manual
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying ModulesManual
Indirect Displays Kernel-Mode DriverManual
Infrared monitor serviceManual
Intel AGP Bus FilterManual
Intel Chipset SATA RAID ControllerManual
Intel Processor DriverManual
Intel RAID Controller Windows 7Manual
Intel Serial IO GPIO Controller DriverManual
Intel SoC GPIO Controller DriverManual
Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor I2C Controller ServiceManual
Intel(R) Dynamic Device Peak Power Manager DriverManual
Intel(R) Power Engine Plug-in DriverManual, Boot
Intel(R) SATA RAID Controller WindowsManual
Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host ControllerManual
Intel(R) Telemetry ServiceBoot
IntelideBoot, Manual
Interactive Services DetectionManual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)Manual
Internet Explorer ETW Collector ServiceManual
IP HelperAutomatic
IP Network Address TranslatorManual
IP Traffic Filter DriverManual
IP Translation Configuration ServiceManual
IPsec Policy AgentManual
IR Bus EnumeratorManual
IScsiPort DriverManual
Kernel Mode Driver Frameworks serviceBoot
Keyboard Class DriverManual
Keyboard HID DriverManual
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction CoordinatorManual
Language Experience ServiceManual
LDDM Graphics SubsystemManual, System
Link-Layer Topology Discovery MapperManual
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O DriverAutomatic
Link-Layer Topology Discovery ResponderAutomatic
Local Profile Assistant ServiceManual
Local Session ManagerAutomatic
MA-USB Host Controller DriverManual
MA-USB IP Filter DriverManual
MBB Network Adapter Class ExtensionManual
Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector ServiceManual
Microsoft 1.1 UAA Function Driver for High Definition Audio ServiceManual
Microsoft Account Sign-in AssistantManual
Microsoft ACPI Control Method Battery DriverManual
Microsoft ACPI DriverBoot
Microsoft ACPIEx DriverBoot
Microsoft AGPv3.5 FilterManual
Microsoft App-V ClientDisabled
Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp driverManual
Microsoft Bluetooth Avrcp Transport DriverManual
Microsoft Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile driverManual
Microsoft Bluetooth HID MiniportManual
Microsoft Cloud Identity ServiceManual
Microsoft Defender Antivirus Boot DriverBoot
Microsoft Defender Antivirus Mini-Filter DriverBoot
Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection ServiceManual
Microsoft Defender Antivirus Network Inspection System DriverAutomatic, Manual
Microsoft Defender Antivirus ServiceAutomatic
Microsoft driver for storage devices supporting IEEE 1667 and TCG protocolsManual
Microsoft Edge Elevation Service (MicrosoftEdgeElevationService)Manual
Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdate)Automatic
Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdatem)Manual
Microsoft Generic AGPv3.0 Filter for K8 Processor PlatformsManual
Microsoft GPIO Class Extension DriverManual
Microsoft Hardware Error Device DriverManual
Microsoft Hardware Notifications Class Extension DriverManual
Microsoft HID Class DriverManual
Microsoft Hyper-V Generation CounterManual
Microsoft Hyper-V Guest Infrastructure DriverManual
Microsoft Hyper-V Storage AcceleratorManual
Microsoft I2C HID Miniport DriverManual
Microsoft Infrared HID DriverManual
Microsoft Input Configuration DriverManual
Microsoft IPv6 Protocol DriverManual
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator ServiceManual
Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Miniport (NDIS 6.20)Manual
Microsoft Keyboard FilterDisabled
Microsoft Link-Layer Discovery ProtocolAutomatic
Microsoft MAC BridgeManual
Microsoft Memory Module DriverManual
Microsoft Monitor Class Function Driver ServiceManual
Microsoft NDIS CaptureManual, System
Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor ProtocolManual
Microsoft PassportManual
Microsoft Passport ContainerManual
Microsoft Remote Desktop Input DriverManual
Microsoft Security Events Component MinifilterManual, Boot
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy ProviderManual
Microsoft SPI HID Miniport DriverManual
Microsoft Standard NVM Express DriverManual
Microsoft Standard SATA AHCI DriverManual
Microsoft Storage Spaces SMPManual
Microsoft Store Install ServiceManual
Microsoft Streaming Clock ProxyManual
Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager ProxyManual
Microsoft Streaming Service ProxyManual
Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-Sink ConverterManual
Microsoft System Management BIOS DriverSystem
Microsoft Trusted Audio DriversManual
Microsoft Tunnel Miniport Adapter DriverManual
Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition AudioManual
Microsoft UEFI DriverManual
Microsoft UMPass DriverManual
Microsoft Universal Flash Storage (UFS) DriverManual
Microsoft USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller Miniport DriverManual
Microsoft USB Generic Parent DriverManual
Microsoft USB Open Host Controller Miniport DriverManual
Microsoft USB PRINTER ClassManual
Microsoft USB Serial DriverManual
Microsoft USB Standard Hub DriverManual
Microsoft USB Universal Host Controller Miniport DriverManual
Microsoft Virtual Drive EnumeratorBoot
Microsoft Virtual Network Adapter EnumeratorManual
Microsoft WFP Message CaptureManual
Microsoft Windows Filtering PlatformBoot
Microsoft Windows Management Interface for ACPIManual
Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service.Manual
Microsoft Windows Trusted Runtime Secure ServiceBoot
Mount Point ManagerBoot
Mouse Class DriverManual
Mouse HID DriverManual
Multimedia Class SchedulerAutomatic
Named pipe service trigger providerSystem
NativeWiFi FilterManual
Natural AuthenticationManual
NDIS Proxy DriverManual
NDIS System DriverBoot
NDIS Usermode I/O ProtocolManual
Net.Tcp Port Sharing ServiceDisabled
NetBIOS InterfaceSystem
NetIO Legacy TDI Support DriverSystem
Network Adapter Wdf Class Extension LibraryManual
Network Connected Devices Auto-SetupManual
Network Connection BrokerManual
Network ConnectionsManual
Network Connectivity AssistantManual
Network List ServiceManual
Network Location AwarenessAutomatic
Network Setup ServiceManual
Network Store Interface ServiceAutomatic
NSI Proxy Service DriverSystem
NVIDIA nForce AGP Bus FilterManual
Offline FilesManual
Offline Files DriverSystem
OpenSSH Authentication AgentManual, Disabled
Optimize drivesManual
Packet Monitor DriverManual
Parallel port driverManual
Parental ControlsManual
Partition driverBoot
Pass-through HID to KMDF Filter DriverManual
Pass-through HID to UMDF DriverManual
Payments and NFC/SE ManagerManual
PCI Bus DriverBoot
Peer Name Resolution ProtocolManual
Peer Networking GroupingManual
Peer Networking Identity ManagerManual
Performance Counters for Windows DriverBoot
Performance Logs & AlertsManual
Phone ServiceManual
Plug and PlayManual
PNRP Machine Name Publication ServiceManual
Portable Device Enumerator ServiceManual
Print SpoolerAutomatic
Printer Extensions and NotificationsManual
Problem Reports Control Panel SupportManual
Processor DriverManual
Program Compatibility Assistant ServiceManual
QoS Packet SchedulerSystem
Quality Windows Audio Video ExperienceManual
QWAVE driverManual
Radio Management ServiceManual
RAS Asynchronous Media DriverManual
Realtek RT640 NT DriverManual
Realtek Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network AdapterManual
Recommended Troubleshooting ServiceManual
Redirected Buffering Sub SystemSystem
Remote Access Auto Connection DriverManual
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerManual
Remote Access Connection ManagerManual, Automatic
Remote Access IP ARP DriverManual, Automatic
Remote Access IPv6 ARP DriverManual
Remote Access LEGACY NDIS WAN DriverManual
Remote Access NDIS TAPI DriverManual
Remote Access NDIS WAN DriverManual
Remote Access PPPOE DriverManual
Remote Desktop ConfigurationManual
Remote Desktop Device Redirector Bus DriverManual
Remote Desktop Device Redirector DriverManual
Remote Desktop Generic USB DeviceManual
Remote Desktop ServicesManual
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port RedirectorManual
Remote Desktop USB HubManual
Remote Desktop USB Hub Class Filter DriverManual
Remote Desktop Video Miniport DriverManual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)Automatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorManual
Remote RegistryDisabled
Resource Hub proxy driverManual
Retail Demo ServiceManual
Routing and Remote AccessDisabled
RPC Endpoint MapperAutomatic
SBP-2 Transport/Protocol Bus DriverManual
SD Storage Port DriverManual
Secondary LogonManual
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol ServiceManual
Security Accounts ManagerAutomatic
Security CenterAutomatic
Sensor Data ServiceManual
Sensor Monitoring ServiceManual
Sensor ServiceManual
Serenum Filter DriverManual
Serial Mouse DriverManual
Serial port driverManual
Serial UART Support LibraryManual
Serial UART Support LibraryManual
Server SMB DriverAutomatic
Server SMB DriverManual
Service for Portable Device Control devicesManual
Shared PC Account ManagerDisabled
Shell Hardware DetectionAutomatic
Simple Peripheral Bus Support LibraryManual
SIS AGP Bus FilterManual
Smart CardDisabled, Manual
Smart Card Device Enumeration ServiceManual
Smart card PnP Class Filter DriverManual
Smart Card Removal PolicyManual
Smartlocker Filter DriverManual
SMB 1.x MiniRedirectorAutomatic
SMB 2.0 MiniRedirectorManual
SMB MiniRedirector Wrapper and EngineManual
SNMP TrapManual
Software Bus DriverManual
Software ProtectionAutomatic
Spatial Data ServiceManual
Spot VerifierManual
SSDP DiscoveryManual
State Repository ServiceManual
Still Image Acquisition EventsManual
Storage QoS Filter DriverAutomatic
Storage ServiceManual, Automatic
Storage Spaces DriverBoot
Storage Tiers ManagementManual
SuperSpeed HubManual
Sync HostAutomatic
Synopsys USB Role-Switch DriverManual
System Event Notification ServiceAutomatic
System Events BrokerAutomatic
Task SchedulerAutomatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperManual
TCP/IP Protocol DriverBoot
TCP/IP Registry CompatibilityAutomatic
Tile Data model serverAutomatic, Manual
Time BrokerManual
Time BrokerManual
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel ServiceManual
UAC File VirtualizationAutomatic
UCM-TCPCI KMDF Class ExtensionManual
UCM-UCSI ACPI ClientManual
UCM-UCSI KMDF Class ExtensionManual
Udk User ServiceManual
Uli AGP Bus FilterManual
UMBus Enumerator DriverManual
Update Orchestrator ServiceManual, Automatic
UPnP Device HostManual
USB Attached SCSI (UAS) DriverManual
USB Audio 2.0 ServiceManual
USB Audio Driver (WDM)Manual
USB Chipidea ControllerManual
USB Connector Manager KMDF Class ExtensionManual
USB Connector Manager UCSI ClientManual
USB Device Emulation Support LibraryManual
USB Function Class ExtensionManual
USB Host Support LibraryManual
USB Mass Storage DriverManual
USB Role-Switch Support LibraryManual
USB Synopsys ControllerManual
USB Video Device (WDM)Manual
USB xHCI Compliant Host ControllerManual
User Data AccessManual
User Data StorageManual
User Experience Virtualization ServiceDisabled
User ManagerAutomatic
User Mode Driver Frameworks Platform DriverManual
User Profile ServiceAutomatic
VIA AGP Bus FilterManual
VIA C7 Processor DriverManual
VIA StorX Storage RAID Controller Windows DriverManual
Virtual DiskManual
Virtual HID Framework (VHF) DriverManual
Virtual Machine BusManual
Virtual Registry for ContainersAutomatic
Virtual WiFi Filter DriverSystem
Virtual WiFi Miniport ServiceManual
Virtual Wireless Bus DriverManual
Volume driverBoot
Volume Manager DriverBoot
Volume Shadow CopyManual
Volume Shadow Copy driverBoot
Volumetric Audio Compositor ServiceManual
Wacom Serial Pen HID DriverManual
WAN Miniport (IKEv2)Manual
WAN Miniport (L2TP)Manual
WAN Miniport (PPTP)Manual
WAN Miniport (SSTP)Manual
WDI Driver FrameworkManual
Web Account ManagerManual
WebDav Client Redirector DriverManual
Wi-Fi Direct Services Connection Manager ServiceManual
Windows AudioAutomatic
Windows Audio Endpoint BuilderAutomatic
Windows BackupManual
Windows Bind Filter DriverManual, Automatic
Windows Biometric ServiceManual
Windows Camera Frame ServerManual
Windows Cloud Files Filter DriverAutomatic
Windows Color SystemManual
Windows Connect Now - Config RegistrarManual
Windows Connection ManagerAutomatic
Windows Container IsolationAutomatic
Windows Container Name VirtualizationAutomatic, Manual
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ServiceManual
Windows Defender FirewallAutomatic
Windows Defender Firewall Authorization DriverManual
Windows Defender Network Stream Filter DriverManual
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver FrameworkManual
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework ReflectorManual
Windows Encryption Provider Host ServiceManual
Windows Error Reporting ServiceManual
Windows Event CollectorManual
Windows Event LogAutomatic
Windows Font Cache ServiceAutomatic
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)Manual
Windows Insider ServiceManual
Windows InstallerManual
Windows License Manager ServiceManual
Windows Licensing Monitoring ServiceAutomatic
Windows Management InstrumentationAutomatic
Windows Management ServiceManual
Windows Media Player Network Sharing ServiceManual
Windows Mobile Hotspot ServiceManual
Windows Modules InstallerManual
Windows NAT DriverManual
Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring DriverAutomatic
Windows Overlay File System Filter DriverBoot
Windows Perception ServiceManual
Windows Perception Simulation ServiceManual
Windows Push Notifications System ServiceManual, Automatic
Windows Push Notifications User ServiceManual, Automatic
Windows PushToInstall ServiceManual
Windows RAM Disk DriverManual
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)Manual
Windows SearchAutomatic
Windows Security ServiceAutomatic, Manual
Windows Store Service (WSService)Manual
Windows TimeManual
Windows Trusted Execution Environment Class ExtensionBoot
Windows UpdateManual
Windows Update Medic ServiceManual
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ServiceManual
Winsock IFS DriverDisabled
WinUsb DriverManual
Wired AutoConfigManual
WLAN AutoConfigManual, Automatic
WMI Performance AdapterManual
Work FoldersManual
WPD File System driverManual
WPD Upper Class Filter DriverManual
WWAN AutoConfigManual
Xbox Accessory Management ServiceManual
Xbox Game Input Protocol DriverManual
Xbox Game MonitoringManual
Xbox Live Auth ManagerManual
Xbox Live Game SaveManual
XINPUT HID Filter DriverManual